Ulf Wretskog named CEO

August 14, 2017

Yanzi Network AB (“Yanzi”) has experienced a strong 2016, with rapid growth and several large international partnerships. Yanzi is now broadening the organisation to support the global demand for Smart Building solutions, using IoT technology. Yanzi is announcing the appointment of Ulf Wretskog as Chief Executive Officer, effective from 1st of February, 2017. Ulf has been a member of the Yanzi Board of Directors since early 2016. Ulf has an extensive background of 25 years as an executive in real estate and facility management business (FM), with the last 15 years at the FM company Coor Service Management.

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Yanzi Networks one of the winners on 33-listan

April 12, 2016

Yanzi Networks is one of Sweden’s 33 hottest tech companies according to Affärsvärlden & Ny Teknik. Tonight, for the ninth year in a row, the winners of 33-listan were presented at Münchenbryggeriet in Stockholm. The jury was on the lookout for companies that offered an innovative product or service with great international potential – innovations that could become a game changer within the tech industry.

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Hello, we are your Yanzi Things!

All the connected Things will automatically update you on their latest status, warn, and remind you. Your Things are always connected and you can access them from anywhere.

Frost Alarm

Keep track of temperature changes with Yanzi Climate or Yanzi Motion. You can set your own temperature limits and receive notifications when these are exceeded.

Control Lights

Control your lights directly with Yanzi App. You can turn on/off an individual light with your phone or control multiple lights with one tap. More importantly, you can control your lights automatically by Yanzi Motion or Yanzi Timer, which is always on time.

View Images and Video

With an AXIS M1004-W camera bought in Yanzi Shop you can scroll through snapshots taken every 10 minutes and view high-resolution live images at any time.


It is possible to view actual power consumption and trace changes in consumption viewing graphs right on you phone for electrical appliances connected to Yanzi Plug.

Control Heating

Remotely control your electric radiators with Yanzi Plugs and know how much power they consume. With Yanzi Climate, temperature and humidity are automatically monitored.

Detect Motion

Place the wireless Yanzi Motion (motion detector) anywhere you need and get notified when there is movement. The motion detector feature can be used in combination with Yanzi Plug to control the lights or simply just to detect presence. Sometimes, you may want to detect the lack of motion.

High Resolution Images – Live & Recorded

Yanzi features live and recorded images from your connected cameras for the user to enjoy and share in multiple devices.


Multiple Sites & Multiple Users

Yanzi makes it possible for a user to have multiple Locations with only one single login. Users can also invite friends and family to a Location.

The Yanzi Things!

The Yanzi Things will automatically connect to a smartphone via Yanzi Cloud. The Things, cloud, and app are tightly integrated, giving the user a rich and powerful experience. It’s easy to set up and use!

  • Yanzi Gateway Plus

    The Yanzi Edge Gateway Plus is a high performance Internet of Things gateway for commercial facility and building installations. The solution deliver the performance required for larger installations whilst providing cost efficiency for smaller sites. Yanzi Edge Gateway Plus combined with Yanzi Access Points can support installations scaling to thousands of IP-based sensors and enables a very fast installation and roll-out of a secure all-IP sensor network in facilities, securely providing real-time data to cloud platforms, business intelligence and existing BMS/SCADA systems. The gateway delivers an all-IP connectivity including mobile broadband, Ethernet, WiFi, and IEEE 802.15.4.

  • Yanzi Plug

    Yanzi Plug connects your electrical appliances and lamps to the Internet and allows you to turn them on and off from anywhere in the world and measure energy or monitor the health of the power lines.

    Yanzi Plug can be used to monitor the energy usage on work desks, monitor the run time of projector lamps for preventive maintenance or as an energy savor by using it together with Yanzi Motion to automatically turn appliances off, saving energy and money.including mobile broadband, Ethernet, WiFi, and IEEE 802.15.4.

  • Yanzi Presence

    Yanzi Presence detects motion and monitors the temperature at your Location. Receive notifications over Cirrus API if there is motion at your Location or if the temperature alarm limit is breached.

    Use for space utilization monitoring in work desks or conference rooms, as energy saver for lamps and appliances connected to Yanzi Plugs, in lite surveillance applications for storage rooms or server rooms, or as a cabinet surveillance solution to know when and if a cabinet has been opened.

  • Yanzi Comfort

    Yanzi Comfort monitors air quality by measuring levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) and volatile organic compounds (VOC), as well as temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure. Yanzi Comfort also continuously monitors ambient noise in office spaces, schools, stores, etc.

    Set a threshold to receive notifications over Cirrus API, SMS, or push notice if air quality levels are breached.

  • Yanzi Footfall Camera

    Yanzi Footfall Camera is a people counting sensor that monitors the number of people in a building at all times. Advanced analytics in the camera supports multiple people entering and exiting at the same time. The counting line for people counting can be configured to be straight, angled, or setup as a multi- line to cover most types of entries in buildings. The accuracy is above 95%. Data is available over Cirrus API as with any Yanzi sensor.

    Use for People counting and space utilization monitoring of work areas and floors or use multiple Footfall cameras to cover a complete building.

  • Yanzi Motion+

    Yanzi Motion+ Is a cost efficient sensor for monitoring occupancy as well as temperature, humidity, ambient light, and sampled ambient noise. Receive notifications over Cirrus API, SMS, or push notice if there is motion at your Location or if any temperature or humidity limits are breached.

    Use for space utilization monitoring above work desks or in conference rooms, or in lite surveillance applications for storage rooms or server rooms.


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